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"Your whole driving style has to change to get the best out of EV technology."

While San Francisco was the best place for BMW to enter the US carsharing game with its DriveNow division, it's been a very tough market. The city's strict guidelines on where cars can be parked has hampered the program, and now BMW wants to expand DriveNow to an unidentified number of new US metro markets where its electric vehicles can be picked up and dropped off out in public spots. Also, Richard Steinberg, CEO of DriveNow USA, told Automotive News that San Francisco has "hasn't embraced A t

Most anyone who follows the plug-in vehicle scene is familiar with at least one electric-vehicle driver whose car is "powered by sunlight" because of a solar-panel power-supply system at home. If you don't know such a person, you can meet one. Or, with BMW and Green Mountain Energy, you can easily become one.

BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have announced that the 1 Series ActiveE is being recalled. We don't imagine many of those reading this are owners of the recalled machine since the first ActiveE was just delivered to a paying customer in January of this year and the cars are only available in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, New York, Boston and Hartford, CT, but we thought we'd keep you up to date anyway.

BMW and Boulder, CO-based energy management company Tendril will build a demonstration home designed to power BMW's ActiveE electric vehicle while minimizing the home and the car's carbon footprint, the New York Times reported.

BMW has delivered its ActiveE electric vehicle to its first U.S. customers, as the German automaker enters the next phase of its domestic EV testing after the Mini E.

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