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Three Mercedes-Benz Hitler cars on sale for $9 million [w/VIDEO]

by Jonny Lieberman (RSS feed) on Oct 29th, 2009 at 11:30AM

Got $9,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, have we got an offer for you. Not one, not two, but three Mercedes-Benz G4 W-131 six-wheelers are up for grabs. Interesting, the cars have been appraised at $3.3 million each, so $9 million is basically a million dollars off! There is one catch, however. You're going to have to forever be explaining to people why you spend nine million bucks on three of Hitler's old cars. Yes, that Hitler. Who, despite his innumerable faults, did in fact have great taste in cars. Not only did Der Fuhrer typically ride around in the oh-so-beautiful... Read More

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