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Porsche tuner 9ff planning GT9-R convertible

by Noah Joseph (RSS feed) on Aug 27th, 2009 at 4:22PM

What's better than a thousand horsepower count and a 250+ mph top speed? Why, a thousand-horsepower count and a 250+ mph top speed with no roof, of course! That's what Bugatti has learned with its Veyron Grand Sport, and that's evidently what 9ff is planning as well. 9ff is one of the world's most alluring of Porsche tuning houses. They're responsible for the GT9-R, a supercar based on the 911 but capable of 0-60 times in the 2's and top speeds in excess of 250 mph which makes it a contender for the crown as fastest road-going car on the market. With only 20 examples slated for production... Read More

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