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AT&T's 2G system is going away, leaving Leafs in the lurch.

The loss of AT&T's 2G cellphone network for force Leaf owners to update their telematics system, if they want to keep the functionality. Owners of 2015 models get it free, but 2011-2014 drivers must pay.

Nissan Leaf owners, there's some bad news if you're selling your car. A new study reveals that nearly half the EV's value is lost with the first owner.

Now, About Depreciating The Rest Of The Car...

EV advocate says gas-powered vehicles depreciate a lot faster than plug-in vehicle batteries.

That's More Electric Cars Sold Than Mitsubishi, General Motors

Renault-Nissan Alliance has accounted for 27 percent of all electric vehicles sold.

Yes, This Rumor Again, But This Time It's Sort Of Official

A Nissan dealer in Indiana says that the 2016 Leaf will have a trim level for a 110-mile range battery pack.

Nissan takes the Leaf and e-NV200 on five road trips around Europe and makes everyone a home video.

Declining Production Numbers Hint Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Might Be Here Soon

Leaf production numbers have declined this summer even more steeply than its sales numbers. It's thought that Nissan is getting ready to roll out the 2016 model.

In a move to maker pedestrians safer, NHTSA finally intends to release its rules governing the sound from EVs and hybrids in November. They don't go into effect until 2018, though.

ClipperCreek Adds HCS-50 Level 2 Charger To Lineup

San Francisco is switching its municipal fleet to renewable diesel. Nissan sells its 10,000th Leaf in the UK. ClipperCreek's new HCS-50 is a 40-amp, 240-volt level 2 EV charging station.

Electric Vehicle's 'Interim' Version May Have 120-Mile Single-Charge Range

An upgrade to the Nissan Leaf's single-charge range thanks to improved battery technology could happen as soon as August.

Limited-time Free Charging Program Now Available In 17 US Cities

Boston becomes the 17th market in the US to offer new Nissan Leaf buyers the No Charge To Charge program. At least eight more will be announced soon.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Approves B10; Renault EV Awards

See the new Tesla Supercharger in thermal imaging. Nissan Leaf adds trim level in UK. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia says B10 biodiesel blend is OK for its cars. Renault honors EV dealers.

Jordan Orders 150 Renault Zoes; Beijing Allows EVs During Rush Hour Restrictions

Nissan Leaf buyers enjoy two years of free charging in Denver. Wanxiang is investing $200 million in A123 Systems. Jordan has ordered 150 Renault Zoe EVs for the royal fleet. Beijing is exempting EVs from rush hour restrictions.

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