• 2014 Ram HD single-wheel

  • 2014 Ram HD flatbed

  • 2014 Ram HD grille

  • 2014 Ram HD interior

  • 2014 Ram HD side

  • 2014 Ram HD front

  • 2014 Ram HD front 3/4

  • 2014 Ram HD single-wheel rear 3/4

  • 2014 Ram HD cabin

  • 2014 Ram HD suspension detail

  • 2014 Ram HD rear

  • 2014 Ram HD front 3/4

  • 2014 Ram HD front

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Ahead of a new Ram Heavy Duty that will debut sometime next year (check out the spy shots below), Chrysler and Cummins are celebrating a milestone in a 24-year partnership that has supplied the Ram pickup with diesel engines.

Our spy photographers have managed to lay their lenses on the 2014 Ram HD family ahead of the truck's launch next year. From the looks of things, designers have graced the pickups with a new grille and projector headlamp arrays as well as LED taillamps. It's unclear whether the upgraded rear light arrays well be standard equipment or optional as on the 2013 Ram 1500.

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