• Opel-Insignia-OPC-287559
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287560
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287561
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287562
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287557
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287558
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287556
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287554
  • Opel-Insignia-OPC-287555
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We've got good news, friends, and we've got bad news. The good news is that Opel has revealed the new Insignia OPC that we spied recently on the street. The bad news is that it does not have the hike in power we were hoping for.

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