• JAG_20014_Model_Year_Jaguar_XJ_200813_01
  • JAG_20014_Model_Year_Jaguar_XJ_200813_02
  • JAG_20014_Model_Year_Jaguar_XJ_200813_04
  • JAG_20014_Model_Year_Jaguar_XJ_200813_05
  • JAG_20014_Model_Year_Jaguar_XJ_200813_06
  • JAG_20014_Model_Year_Jaguar_XJ_200813_03
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It may be an uphill battle with Mercedes-Benz having rolled out its all-new S-Class, but in an effort to entice more customers towards its flagship sedan, Jaguar has announced a series of enhancements for the XJ.

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