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We still aren't convinced that the new Acura NSX will ever arrive in the US. After years of "concepts" and previews, it all seems like an elaborate tease put on by Honda to mess with journalists and auto enthusiasts. We're so looking forward to being wrong...

The Honda NSX Concept-GT is one sexy machine, and it looks to be a very effective tool on a race circuit. But Honda's latest web spot leads us to believe that it also can be used to make tea.

Not to be outdone by Lexus and its new LF-CC racecar, Honda is also bringing a little more excitement to the Japanese Super GT racing series with its NSX Concept-GT. Yes, just like the original NSX, this racecar will wear the Honda badge in its home market when it replaces the current offering in that series, the non-production HSV-010 GT, which itself replaced the NSX in the series back in 2010.

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