• 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-001
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-002
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-003
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-004
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-005
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-006
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-007
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-008
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-009
  • 2014-fiat-500c-gq_edition-010

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Fiat dealers recently welcomed the five-door 500L into their 'studios' as a much-needed second model line, but franchisees are still clamoring for additional new model ranges as most struggle to reach profitability. There's more in the pipeline for the reborn brand, but in the meantime, Fiat continues to rely on special editions of existing products to drum up interest, in this case, the just-introduced 2014 500C GQ Edition. Meant in part to extend appeal of the tiny 500C to more male shoppers,

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