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With all eyes fixed on General Motors in the wake of the ignition recall debacle, the auto giant has been carefully calling in a wide array of vehicles to fix anything and everything that could prove problematic. Just the other day it issued two separate recalls – one concerning the Cadillac SRX and another its heavy-duty pickups – and now it is issuing another.

Slowly but surely, General Motors is learning quite a few lessons from its recent ignition-switch recall fiasco. A recent timeline submitted by the company to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that it took six years to issue a recent recall on several crossovers.

General Motors has just unveiled its facelifted 2013 Chevrolet Traverse at the New York Auto Show today. The big crossover has abandoned the company's corporate grille in favor of a new design that's expected to eventually make its way to the rest of the Chevrolet utility vehicle stable. With three chrome-finish bars across the upper grille inlet, more expressive headlamp arrays and a new foglight design, the 2013 Traverse looks a bit more conservative and polished than it did before, at least f

Not to be outdone today by Ford's debut of a twin-turbo Explorer Sport model, Chevrolet has taken the wraps off its redesigned 2013 Traverse.

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