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Chrysler reveals slew of special-edition models for 2010

by Dan Roth (RSS feed) on Jan 8th, 2010 at 11:01AM

Chrysler has carefully picked its words, saying that the 300 S6 and 300 S8 are all-new models that build on the rear-wheel-drive sedan's roots. Don't fret, the cosmetic updates are welcome; there's a new blacked-out grille this year and 20-inch alloys to fill out those classic bold wheelarches. The S6 and S8, while blatantly ripping off Audi nomenclature (do we smell a lawsuit?), denotes whether the car's packing a six- or eight-cylinder powerplant. Interiors have been updated as well, and the words that Chrysler chose to describe them make them sound like Xanadu on wheels. In the... Read More

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