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"For Sale" of the Day: 1982 CHP Mustang

by Alex Nunez (RSS feed) on May 25th, 2008 at 7:29PM

Click image for photo galleryThe news that the Indiana state police are adding new, unmarked Mustang GTs to their patrol fleet sent this blogger over to for a little nostalgia. SSPMustang is a site dedicated to the 1982 - 1993 Special Service Package Mustangs and the enthusiasts who find them and keep them going. You don't have to think that far back to recall when the sight of an tinted-out, unmarked 5.0 LX notch on the side of the highway was something you'd immediately jump on the brakes for. Many states had marked ones, too, and in all cases, they were manned by troopers... Read More

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