Think you know how much a car costs? The total cost of ownership for a car today is so much more than just what you pay at the dealership. Unless you're paying cash for that new car, you're also going to pay interest on the price that you and the dealer agreed upon. There are some great car financing options in today's market. While there may be some great low or no finance deals out there, interest costs are going to drive the cost of ownership up.

Total cost of ownership today also includes licensing and vehicle registration, fuel, maintenance, insurance and depreciation. It's a lot to consider when you think about becoming a car owner, but we're here to help you figure it all out. Check out the car owner resources and content below.

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Crash testing results
I hear that there are no insurance crash test figures out yet. Can someone check?
Safety features failed
Hello, My sister was recently in a MVA where another driver ran a red light and t-boned her Elantra at 40mph. The airbags did not deploy. The seatbelts broke upon impact. Has this happened to anyone else? Should we contact Hyundai? I have researched and "side impact collision" air bags were supposed to deploy that is the purpose of the vehicle having them. There are no recalls on the vehicle that we are aware of. 1 owner. Bought new.
How can I measure temperature in hyundai accent 2010, i have no temp gauge
how to measure temperature in hyundai accent 2010?

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Three sounds appropriate for various situations.

Some seven years after production of the SC 430 ended, a coupe/convertible prospect has the benefit of both hindsight and nostalgia.

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Jeep culture is a tight-knit community of passionate enthusiasts with plenty of interesting stories and traditions, like the Jeep Wave. But how did the Jeep Wave start? Episode 2 of The Exposition takes a look at some of the theories behind the origin of this unique driving ritual.

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A flexible alternative to ownership - and a way to put off-lease cars to good use.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

Consider paying a bit more for synthetic.

Despite a varied lineup of well-received crossovers on the Lexus showroom, the midsize Lexus ES 350 four-door continues to appeal to consumers.

By 1968, Carroll Shelby was more than happy to hand back to Ford what the two companies – one huge and one almost microcosmic – had created together.

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