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2012 Nissan Titan

Revisiting "The Other Truck" Of all the segments in the American vehicle market, the full-size truck market has proven the most difficult to crack for foreign automakers. Blame the Chicken Tax, dyed-in-the-wool brand fanatics, decades of buying tradition or all three, but truck buyers have barely given Toyota and Nissan a fraction of the sales ladled onto Ford, Chevrolet and Ram. In fact, last year, Toyota saw just 82,908 Tundra units roll off of dealer lots. While that number seems astronomical compared to the 21,994 Titan models Nissan shifted during the same time period, both stats... Read More

Vital Stats

5.6L V8
317 HP / 385 LB-FT
Five-Speed Automatic
$38,920 (as tested)
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    Nissan Titan
    Report: 2016 Nissan Titan coming to 2015 Detroit Auto Show

    The Titan has continued to sit in a corner of Nissan's front yard, taken out on occasion but largely unloved, the same way you see a project truck in a neighbor's driveway that makes you wonder, "Are they ever going to do anything with that?" The fullsize pickup made the news about six months ago when reports surfaced that the next generation would offer ...

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    Nissan Titan
    Detroit: Nissan's Ghosn directly confirms next-generation Titan pickup

    This afternoon at a Detroit Auto Show media roundtable event, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn unequivocally confirmed that Nissan will build a next-generation Titan pickup. "We are going to replace it. We are going to present in every segment in the market in the United States." Previous news stories indicated that Nissan was pursuing a new Titan, ...

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    Nissan Titan
    SEMA honors four vehicles as most accessory friendly

    Because so much of what SEMA is about concerns the aftermarket, each year the organization honors the most accessory-friendly vehicles with an award. This isn't to say that these are the best vehicles on the market, but rather that each represents a car or truck where the manufacturer has worked with the aftermarket and SEMA to help make accessories more ...

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    Nissan Titan
    Nissan releases more images and info on trio of 2008 trucks

    click image above to view more high-res imagesPerhaps looking to increase the buzz factor before the 2007 Chicago Auto Show next week, Nissan has released even more images and info on the trio of trucks it will be debuting, which includes the 2008 Titan, Armada and Pathfinder. To recap, the Titan gets a new long-wheelbase version with a 7-foot bed, as well ...

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    Nissan Titan
    Chicago Preview: 2008 Nissan Titan

    With the Chicago Auto Show kicking off next week, the automakers are starting to show off their wares. Nissan will have a trio of '08 truck updates (Titan, Armada, and Pathfinder) on display, and the first one we'll show you is the freshened Titan. Nissan's full-sized pickup gets a lightly updated face and will now be available in a new long-wheelbase ...

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    Nissan Titan
    Remember the Titan? Nissan half-ton debuting facelift in Chicago

    With Toyota's coming out party for the Tundra in full swing, the full-size truck segment has been getting a lot of attention. With the spotlight focused intensely on any vehicle with a bed, Nissan decided it was time for the Titan to show up looking its best. To that end, Nissan will be giving its full-size pickup a new set of threads for the Chicago Auto ...

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    Nissan Titan
    Nissan to build fewer Titans

    Nissan North America has decided to cut production of the Nissan Titan, which is pushing a 100-day pileup and is down over 20,000 units and 1.7 percent as compared with last year. Nissan says it would like to lessen the supply to 75 days or less. The problem is one often experienced by automakers these days -- General Motors and Ford are both cutting ...

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