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2013 Nissan Leaf [w/video]

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It Look at the 2013 Nissan Leaf – even one parked next to a 2012 model – and you'll be hard-pressed to spot the differences. Changes and updates have been made, but you have to know the details to tell. It's sort of like listening to a hipster tell you why Interpol and The National have completely different sounds. Nissan says it didn't reinvent the Leaf because what the company has created is working. Over 25,000 Leafs have been sold in the US – 62,000 around the world – since the car went on sale in late 2010. That may not sound ... Read More

Vital Stats

AC synchronous motor
107 HP / 187 LB-FT
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Nissan Leaf
    Quick Spin: Nissan Leaf the tip of mass market EV spear

    Nissan has gone into a back room, pulled out its Ouija board and decided that the time is right to make a huge bet. The Japanese automaker, along with its partner Renault, wants to be the world leader in pure electric vehicles. Even though you can go buy an Altima hybrid right now, the company didn't develop its own gas-electric technology (the sedan ...

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