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Review: 2010 Mitsubishi i-MiEV (JDM)

A Bubbly EV For The Road Ahead There's an interesting realization that occurs when you drive an electric car. After all, EVs act just like normal vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine, they're just a bit quieter and you can't drive for great distances at a time. But as you travel along in an EV, you pass by gas station after gas station and it finally sets in – your car has rendered the fuel pump obsolete. Gas stations to EV owners are nothing more than places to buy cheap coffee and cigarettes. As we work to further saturate our automotive landscape with... Read More

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    Mitsubishi i-MiEV
    Quick Spin: Mitsubishi i is a good car with a bad name

    We're looking at a long, nearly straight, almost totally traffic-free downhill. We'd climbed up to the base of the Palm Springs to Idyllwild Ariel Tramway. Our goal was to see how fast Mitsubishi's tiny i could go. We're on the gas, and the teensy, turbocharged 660cc three-banger is giving us all its got. The speedometer ticks upwards, now cresting 100. ...

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