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2012 Mitsubishi i

Light Weight, Rear-Wheel Drive And Instant Torque Bubble Up There are two simple truths about the Mitsubishi i that should help this funky little electric car sell well in the U.S. once it goes on sale later this year. First, it looks like absolutely nothing else on the road today. Second, the car is much more fun than its jellybean shape implies. The North American-spec i does share its look with versions on sale in Japan and Europe, but this EV is a different beast compared to those models. It's also completely different from the gas-powered kei-car sold only in Mitsubishi's home... Read More

Vital Stats

AC Synchronous Permanent Magnetic Motor
66 HP / 49kW
Single Speed
$29,125 ($21,625 after tax credit)

2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES

White, Electric, Automatic, RWD
  • Sterling, VA
Price: $10,495 Mileage: 19796
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