Mitsubishi Endeavor

The Mitsubishi Endeavor is a midsize crossover SUV, which has generous seating for five passengers, and ample storage for cargo.The Endeavor can be had as either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The LS trim is exclusive to front-wheel drive, while the SE trim is offered in both drivetypes. Power…


2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor
MSRP: $28,299 - $33,599
2010 Mitsubishi Endeavor
MSRP: $27,999 - $31,499
2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor
MSRP: $27,599 - $29,099
2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor
MSRP: $26,999 - $28,999
2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor
MSRP: $26,599 - $32,299
Watch a Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle Endeavour

There are publicity stunts, and then there's using a Toyota Tundra to tow the 145-ton Space Shuttle Endeavour across interstate 405 in Los Angeles. That's exactly what happened Saturday night when Toyota lent a hand pulling the retired spacecraft over a bridge en route to the California Science Center. As it turned out, the Manchester Boulevard Bridge couldn't stand up to the weight of both the shuttle and the traditional tow vehicle, which sent organizers searching for something a little lighte
Toyota To Tow Space Shuttle To Final Resting Place

200,000 pound endeavor to be pulled by pickup with 10,000 pound towing limit

The end of the American space shuttle program will be marked by a Toyota Tundra towing the shuttle Endeavor to its final resting place in Los Angeles on Oct. 13.
Say 'goodbye' to these cars and trucks for the new year

As we prepare to flip our calendars from 2011 to 2012, it's time to say goodbye to a handful of vehicles that are being sent to the Great Parking Lot In The Sky before the 2012 model year completely takes hold. And while we're not exactly upset about having to bid farewell to things like the Mitsubishi Endeavor, Mazda Tribute or Chevrolet HHR, there are a few vehicles that we're truly going to miss.

For Sale

2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor
$10,291 / 93,688 miles / PA
2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor
$14,562 / 51,601 miles / MD
2010 Mitsubishi Endeavor
$10,988 / 74,981 miles / VA
"While the platform is car-based, the exterior looks like a rough-and-ready SUV. And though the highway ride is excellent, it doesn't handle the twisties as well as some of its car-based rivals. But rough, half-paved, pothole-filled forest roads are no problem. Its generous suspension travel handles those sneaky, unforeseen dips as if they are merely small undulations.
Stohlman Mitsubishi
8435 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA 22182 15.4 miles
Stohlman Subaru
8435 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA 22182 15.4 miles
King Mitsubishi
16160 Frederick Rd Gaithersburg, MD 20877 17.3 miles