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2011 Think City

Bankruptcy Brings This EV's Range To Zero 2011 Think City - Click above for high-res image gallery We're all passionate about saving the world, but the amount of enthusiasm we each have is different for everybody. What's your passion level? Let's turn the question into a sliding scale; on one end sits, say, BP, while on the other end, we find Ed Begley Jr. It's a big scale. If you find yourself edging close to the Begley side of the spectrum, you're no doubt paying attention to the fresh crop of all-electric cars on the market. Electric automaker Think hopes you've been paying... Read More

Vital Stats

34-37 kW Traction Motor
50 HP / 66 LB-FT
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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #20 - Geneva Motor Show wrap-up

    Episode 20 of the AutoblogGreen Podcast has us recapping Geneva mere days before we head to New York. There were lots of exciting things over in Switzerland, and we touch on a few of them. Th!nk's new Ox will be a Tesla-magnitude achievement if it hits the market doing what the company says it will. GM rolled out the new version of its mild hybrid system ...

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    MISC Think City
    Geneva '08 Preview: Th!nk's series hybrid sedans to be released in 2011

    Recently, we told you Th!nk would introduce a larger car made by one of the top three American automakers. Green Wombat has more details on the car thanks to coffee with Th!nk's Jan-Olaf Willums at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. The car is a stylish and aerodynamic five-seat, four-door sedan, made by an unnamed Fortune 100 automaker and will be ...

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