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First Drive: SMS 570X makes 700 hp, gobs more joy

During the course of a wide-ranging, more than two-hour long conversation, we asked racing legend, aftermarket impresario and SMS namesake Steve Saleen what's the single most important thing he wants Autoblog readers to know about not only his new 700-horsepower 570X, but about SMS as a whole. Without missing a beat, Mr. Saleen cocked his head to one side and said, "That we're not a tuning shop. SMS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer." "We're not a tuner. SMS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer." - Steve Saleen Normally, when the head of a company that takes existing cars and mod... Read More

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    Steve Saleen celebrates 25 years with 720-horsepower anniversary Mustang concept

    Click above for a high resolution image If you've noticed that there are more than a handful of Mustang variations out there, then consider Steve Saleen a trend setter. He's been tweaking Mustangs for 25 years now, and even though he and Saleen, Inc. parted ways last year, Steve has continued to work on Ford's ponycar with his new company, SMS Limited. ...

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    OMG! Washington first state to ban text messaging while driving

    var digg_url = ''; If you're travelling down I-90 in Washington State and texting your BFF on a CrackBerry, then you might want to put it down. Washington has become the first U.S. state in the union to ban text messaging while driving. The legislation against ...

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    iLane first hands-and-eyes free email solution for driving

    Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. (IMS) has unveiled a new device called the iLane that enables a driver to access his/her email in a hands-and-eyes free way. The iLane is designed to handle all incoming information, including emails, phone calls and even text messages. The voice-based interface means that one can listen to, compose and forward emails ...

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