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Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0

A Flywheel-Equipped Race Car Leaves Us Whirring for More Spinning at 36,000 revolutions per minute just two feet from my right thigh, a 31-pound flywheel is screaming like a five-horsepower Shop-Vac with the filter removed. The sound pierces the composite shell of my racing helmet and drills through my form-fitted foam earplugs before painfully slamming into my eardrums. Yet despite the aching annoyance, I welcome and embrace the high-pitched drone. It means, in the simplest terms, that the monster inside this ballistic carbon fiber cocoon is not only awake, but completely energized.... Read More

Vital Stats

4.0L Flat-6, 75 kW x2
672 HP (total)
6-Speed Sequential
$1.5 Million (est.)


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