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2013 Perana Z-One [w/video]

A Red In Tooth And Claw Throwback Regardless of whether or not one considers its physical appearance attractive, the Perana Z-One breaks necks everywhere it goes. I piloted this metallic burgundy coupe down a main thoroughfare in car-centric Orange County – these are people who see exotics daily – and everyone gawked as if the two-seater were covered in blinking high-intensity strobe lights. While the exhaust is loud enough to disturb those driving with mobile phones stuck to their faces, it's not just the acoustic concussion drawing their attention; the Perana's... Read More

Vital Stats

7.2L V8
700 HP / 600 LB-FT
6-Speed Manual
$145,000 (as tested)
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    MISC Perana Z-One
    Geneva 2009: Zagato's Perana Z-One is desire in motion

    Okay, okay. We'll admit it. The world doesn't need another sportscar. But then we don't really need anything beyond food, clothing and shelter. Everything else is desire, and the Zagato Perana Z-One definitely fits the mold... and fits it well. The Z-One's got the power (a 440hp 'Vette-sourced V8), the looks (styled by Milanese coachbuilder Zagato), the ...

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    MISC Perana Z-One
    Zagato prepares Perana Z-One for Geneva

    It appears that the Geneva Motor Show will be ignoring this whole global recession thing, as automakers are using the Swiss show en masse to debut exciting new vehicles and concepts. Zagato popped up this morning with its own surprise, the Perana Z-One. The Italian design house has hooked up with South Africa's Perana Performance Group to build the Perana ...

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