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Local Motors Rally Fighter [w/video]

An Off-Road Supercar That Prefers Anything But Pavement I had just passed the point of no return. Actually, that's not entirely true – I hadn't just passed it, I had hurled mud, gravel and everything else that got in my way as I transitioned from a sweeping arc of pavement onto a much slipperier surface of slightly damp, hard-packed dirt. Suddenly, what moments before had seemed like heavy but reassuringly direct steering felt more like I was only able to send gentle suggestions to the front tires as to where I wanted them pointed. I couldn't let off the gas, having been told... Read More

Vital Stats

6.2L V8
430 HP / 424 LB-FT
4-Speed Auto
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    MISC Local Motors Rally Fighter
    SEMA: Local Motors updates 2012 Rally Fighter, launches The Forge

    Local Motors and its team of online community members are hard at work refining the Rally Fighter for 2012, and the list of changes for the new model year have officially been announced here at SEMA. Probably the biggest piece of news is the replacement of the older three-link (with Watt's link) rear suspension setup with a better four-link arrangement. ...

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    MISC Local Motors Rally Fighter
    SEMA 2010: Local Motors puts five Rally Fighters on display

    Just like it promised, Local Motors has come to the 2010 SEMA show with five ready-to-rock Rally Fighters. The crowd-sourced design is paying off, because LM says that another five should be done before we switch the calendar over to 2011. On hand are the two prototype vehicles, known as Beta 1 and Beta 2, while the other three Rally Fighters represent ...

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    MISC Local Motors Rally Fighter
    Video: Local Motors ups Rally Fighter fleet to 5 vehicles, all going to SEMA

    Local Motors, the car builder behind the idea of open-source automotive development, showed off its Rally Fighter at SEMA last year. At that time, it only had one car built. Fast forward to the 2010 SEMA show and Local Motors is bringing five of the coupes to Las Vegas. Each vehicle wears a skin designed by someone in the Local Motors online community. ...

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    MISC Local Motors Rally Fighter
    Vroom for Everyone: Local Motors unveiling crowdsourced Rally Fighter at SEMA [w/VIDEO]

    The wild things have left the movie theaters and are headed toward Las Vegas. Destination? SEMA. Case in point, the Rally Fighter. Local Motors, the company that plans to build the offroadster, is attempting an industry first: dipping into the collective wisdom of the Internet (we're not sure if "wisdom" is the right word there, but whatever) to ...

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