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2012 Campagna T-Rex 14R [w/video]

Car-Bike Genetic Mashup Still Fearlessly Roams The Canadian Countryside... Read More

Vital Stats

1.4L I4
197 HP / 113 LB-FT
6-Speed Sequential
$58,349 base
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    MISC Campagna T-Rex 14R
    2013 Campagna T-Rex 16S [w/video]

    Canada's Prehistoric Predator Gets Longer Arms Without a doubt, the three-wheel Campagna T-Rex 16S is one of the most fascinating vehicles I have ever driven. "Drive it like a car, but act like you are on a motorcycle," were the words of wisdom bestowed upon me before the keys were handed over, and the advice couldn't have been more accurate. During the ...

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    MISC Campagna T-Rex 14R
    2012 Campagna T-Rex 14R [w/video]

    Car-Bike Genetic Mashup Still Fearlessly Roams The Canadian Countryside As much (or as little) as our conscience might drive us to applaud initiatives to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions – and thereby, our compatriots at AutoblogGreen tell us, prevent us all from going the way of the dinosaur – deep down, the real car nuts inside ...

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    MISC Campagna T-Rex 14R
    Campagna V13R [w/video]

    Part Harley, Part Hot Rod, All Crazy Think back through your own inner musings over the years, and we'd bet dollars to proverbial donuts that, at some point on your life, you've thought about buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The allure of riding Wisconsin's finest around your neighborhood and down the interstate may have drawn you in after seeing one ...

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