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2013 Fiat Strada [w/poll]

Should Fiat Sell This Tiny Truck In The U.S.? "Niche" is the word of the day. No, this funky, spot-on little pickup from Fiat do Brasil was never designed or destined to put up huge sales numbers in North America, but we think it might fit in perfectly with the niche-loving image of this Italian brand in the United States. And why not? Executives have spoken of bringing over their range of Fiat Professional models in the next couple of years, and we remain foolishly hopeful something like the Strada might be on that boat. Regular Autoblog readers know of our almost knee-jerk love of ... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 1.3L Diesel I4
94 HP / 148 LB-FT
5-Speed Manual
$16,500 (est.)

We haven't talked about this yet. Please check back soon.

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