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2013 Fiat Strada [w/poll]

Should Fiat Sell This Tiny Truck In The U.S.?... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 1.3L Diesel I4
94 HP / 148 LB-FT
5-Speed Manual
$16,500 (est.)
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    MISC 2013 Fiat Strada
    2013 Fiat Strada [w/poll]

    Should Fiat Sell This Tiny Truck In The U.S.? "Niche" is the word of the day. No, this funky, spot-on little pickup from Fiat do Brasil was never designed or destined to put up huge sales numbers in North America, but we think it might fit in perfectly with the niche-loving image of this Italian brand in the United States. And why not? Executives have ...

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    MISC 2013 Fiat Strada
    Fiat tempts Latin American and European audiences with Strada Cabine Dupla pickup

    For European and South American markets, Fiat rolled out several versions of its Strada pickup last year. Now, the Italian company introduces a "dual cab" version with two extra back seats – but without two extra doors. Called the Cabine Dupla or Doble Cabina, it's almost as if our long-departed Subaru Brat lives on with a secret Italian ...

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    MISC 2013 Fiat Strada
    International Motorcycling Federation shows off electric motorcycles at Conference

    The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), the world governing body of motorcycle racing, is holding its "Conference Meetings" and, as a way of introducing attendees to what it believes is the future, is hosting a display of electric motorcycles from several manufacturers. If you happen to be hanging out in Geneva, Switzerland with nothing to do ...

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    MISC 2013 Fiat Strada
    Electric Motorcycle Company Partners with Action Sports Guru Chris Karol

    It's been possible to buy a Quantya electric motorcycle over the internet for a while but now you can do your dealings the old fashioned brick-and-mortar way. Shredelectric has just been named as the first dealership in a nation-wide network of retailers to carry the Swiss-born bikes. Shredelectric is owned by Chris Karol who is not only a former ...

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