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2013 Airstream Interstate 3500 EXT

LA To The Grand Canyon In The Mercedes-Benz Of RVs... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbodiesel 3.0L V6
188 HP / 325 LB-FT
5-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    MISC 2013 Airstream Interstate 3500 EXT
    2011 Airstream Avenue

    A Deluxe Apartment On The Move This is the time of year when you can't help but realize that you've been tucked away in an office while the desk calendar has been the only one getting a workout. It's time to look at a map and pack a bag. Coincidentally, my friend Tom had the same thing in mind. He's about to have his first baby, doing work on his first ...

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