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2012 Volkswagen Up!

The Best Little Car We Can't Have Despite the fact that the Smart ForTwo has pretty much been a flop here in the United States (and understandably so), we Americans are slowly but surely warming up to intelligent little city cars. The Fiat 500, which got off to a slow start, is gaining traction; Scion is now pushing its miniscule iQ in all markets, and General Motors has just opened the gates on the Chevrolet Spark. But until widespread success in this segment is firmly on record, it's no secret that automakers are hesitant to bring over their smallest offerings. It's one thing to... Read More

Vital Stats

1.0L I3
74 HP / 70 LB-FT
5-Speed Manual
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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    2007 LA Auto Show videos: Porsche Cayenne hybrid, Volkswagen Space Up!, Chevy Silverado hybrid

    Feel like you're missing all the good stuff from LA? Perhaps some videos will ease the pain. The video above shows Porsche representatives at the 2007 LA Auto Show talking about hybrids. As we just reported, Porsche says their hybrids will go 75 MPH on battery power. Below the fold are two videos, including one that looks at the modern, clean design of the ...

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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    LA 2007: Deja Vu with Volkswagen space up! blue

    Click on the image above to view in high-resolutionVolkswagen didn't appear to take this year's LA auto show very seriously – its press kit appears to have been assembled by a kindergarten class on a budget. The car it unveiled here in the City of Angels was little more than a redressed version the van concept they showed in Tokyo, as well.The space ...

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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    LA 2007: VW space up! blue

    Click image for photo galleryVW has adapted its globe-trotting up! concept for California's green sensibilities, packaged it like a micro-sized microbus and has brought the result to Los Angeles. The space up! blue is a fuel cell hybrid with plug-in capabilities. It leverages a high-temperature fuel cell (the world's first, according to VW) in concert with ...

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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    Tokyo Motor Show: VW drops the up! space in Japan

    click above image for more high-res pics of the VW up! space Concept Volkswagen is looking to conquer the cheap car market with its new family of small cars, tentatively referred to as the up! cars. Having previously shown the first up! concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen usedTokyo to devut the minivan version of the up!. Called the 'space ...

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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    BMW to show 1-series based concept in Tokyo

    Over the course of the last few weeks, we've been constantly updating our comprehensive list of debuts slated for the Tokyo Motor Show, but one glaring omission continually jumped out at us: BMW. We know they'll be showing off the M3 Sedan, but it was rumored that something else would grace the Bavarian's show stand. Automotive News finally shed some light ...

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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    Frankfurt 2007: VW gets it up!

    UPDATE: Press release added after the jump.Click the image above for more live high-res pics. Some may compare it to the Beetle, but in the end, it looks like a restyled Golf that's been left in the dryer for one cycle too long. The rear-engine, three-door, four-seat city car from Volkswagen, dubbed the up!, aims to be the V-dub equivalent of the smart, ...

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    MISC 2012 Volkswagen Up!
    Detroit Auto Show: Toyota unveils Tundra CrewMax

    click on image above to view 68 high-resolution images of the Tundra CrewMax Constantly pushing to increase its stake in the US market, Toyota debuted in Detroit today the Tundra CrewMax, a spy shot of which we brought you a month ago. The CrewMax is a full four-door version of the company's new, all-American full-size pick-up, The regular and double-cab of ...

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