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2012 Chevrolet Orlando

A Seven-Seater That Makes The Grass Look Greener... Read More

Vital Stats

2.4L I4
174 HP / 171 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
$19,995 CAD (base)
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    MISC 2012 Chevrolet Orlando
    Production Chevy Orlando spotted in promo vid? [w/VIDEO]

    We're not entirely certain, but it sure looks like it. General Motors recently released a YouTube vid explaining what makes a Chevrolet a Chevrolet that shows a series a of sweeping shots that catches bowtie specials like the Corvette Grand Sport and the 2010 Camaro. At around 1:05, the camera focuses on the C-Pillar of a Camaro, and as the shot pans ...

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    MISC 2012 Chevrolet Orlando
    Spy Shots: U.S.-bound production Chevy Orlando

    Our spies have just caught a prototype out winter testing that appears to be the production Chevy Orlando that's destined for sale in the U.S. sometime during 2011. From what we can tell, the production version will be remarkably faithful to the Orlando concept that debuted at the Paris Motor Show last fall and was shown for the first time in North ...

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