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2012 Audi Q3

Stylish Urban Trekker Writ Small 2011 Audi Q3 - Click above for high-res image gallery The idea of a small premium crossover like the new Audi Q3, while certainly not lost on North Americans, does seem to face both corporate and public resistance Stateside. The frequent customer logic goes something like, "It's small and expensive, so why wouldn't I just buy the bigger Q5 or maybe an A4?" Hence most of the reason why Audi North America hesitates on bringing the Q3 over to us. This sporty, tall sort-of-A3 is considered an "A-SUV" in Europe, belonging to the smallest A-segment of... Read More

Vital Stats

2.0L TFSI Four-Cylinder
208 HP / 221 LB-FT
7-Speed S-Tronic
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    MISC 2012 Audi Q3
    Spy Shots: Audi Q3 caught frolicking in the snow

    The details on Audi's forthcoming Q3 crossover are slim, and while we still have yet to see a clear set of spy photos (this latest set certainly isn't the greatest, but beggars can't be choosers), there's no doubt that the automaker is prepping its smallest-yet CUV for a debut sometime in 2011. We do understand that the majority of the Q3's groundwork ...

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    MISC 2012 Audi Q3
    Spy Shots: Tiguan-based Audi Q3 peeped through a window

    Our Peeping Tom spy photographers normally catch prototypes while they're out and about on the street, but sometimes they catch a peek inside automakers' development studios from the street, snagging shots of test mules before their tires even touch the ground. This is one such case, and though these photos aren't clear as day, it's no secret that Audi's ...

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