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1984 Audi Sport Quattro

There I was, standing next to this 1984 Audi Sport Quattro painted Malachite Green – one of only 15 units ever delivered in said color – in the northern Italian mountain town of Merano. I was about to be encouraged to tear-ass over a few famous high altitude passes in this short-wheelbase iconic machine. The Sport Quattro street version was a homologation program car to let the Audi S1 Group B cars qualify to go nuts in the World Rally Championship circuit in the mid-1980s. So, only roughly so many as were necessary for this homologation were built (in this case 214 total)... Read More

Vital Stats

2.1L Turbo I5
302 HP / 258 LB-FT
5-Speed Manual
Base Price:
$100k+ (est. in 1984)
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