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Review: 2008 MINI Cooper Clubman

"You want a large for $.25 more?" That's what the popcorn drone behind the concession counter asks when you order a medium Coke at the movies. You may not need it, but hell, it's offered, so you pull the trigger. The same thing is happening in auto showrooms. Why settle for just an Escalade when you can have the ESV? This year, even BMW-owned MINI is getting in on the act. The result is the MINI Cooper Clubman, which your local MINI salesperson will happily offer for just $2,000 more than the regular Cooper.So, what does that extra two grand (before options) really get you? After all, the... Read More

2013 Mini Cooper Clubman

White, 4 Cyl, Manual, FWD
  • Clarksville, MD
Price: $19,550 Mileage: 24301

2009 Mini Cooper Clubman S

Blue, 4 Cyl, Manual, FWD
  • Frederick, MD
Price: $11,995 Mileage: 90129

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman S

Blue, 4 Cyl, Automatic, FWD
  • Stafford, VA
Price: $11,995 Mileage: 59635

2011 Mini Cooper Clubman S

Black, 4 Cyl, Manual, FWD
  • Winchester, VA
Price: $18,775 Mileage: 44496

2012 Mini Cooper Clubman S

Silver, 4 Cyl, Manual, FWD
  • Woodbridge, VA
Price: $17,988 Mileage: 39928

2012 Mini Cooper Clubman S

Red, 4 Cyl, Automatic, FWD
  • Baltimore, MD
Price: $19,590 Mileage: 55570
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