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Federal court decision marks latest JLTV win for supplier Oshkosh.

Oshkosh can get back to work on the JLTV after a Court of Federal Claims judge dismissed Lockheed's request for a preliminary injunction.


From taxi to takeoff to flyover, the entire affair takes just four minutes, but the views from the Navy Hornets give a great view of the big game... briefly.


F-15s And F/A-18s Will Be In The Air During The Big Game

The Navy will provide some entertainment for those in attendance at this Sunday's Super Bowl, but the California Air National Guard will be on guard duty.


A Mexican Navy patrol boat goes down fast in a scuttling captured via eight GoPro cameras.


Maverick And Goose Won't Be Coming To The Rescue

You may have seen videos of Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-14 Tomcat fighters escorting Russian aircraft across Iranian airspace to Syria. Here's why you shouldn't be alarmed.


Rash Of Deadly Helicopter Crashes Raising Questions

Three times as many servicemen were killed in helicopters in 2015 as in 2014, raising questions about the impact of cuts to maintenance and training budgets.


First USAF Deliveries Slated For August 2017

The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus has completed its first air-to-air refueling, marking a major milestone before low-rate initial production can begin.


The US Army is reportedly considering the deployment of Jeep Wranglers adapted by Hendrick Dynamics as a new light military vehicle, bringing it back to the battlefield where it all started 75 years ago.


Human remains were found at the site of a crashed F-16 outside of Bagdad, AZ. The student pilot had been training in Arizona for six months.


Moving to a new aircraft must be a jarring experience for a fighter pilot, but you might not think that after hearing from USAF Maj. Jayson Rickard.


The Only Equipment Missing Were A Pair Of SIM Cards

US forces were in contact with Iranian forces just three hours after contact was launched, and were told the sailors were "safe and healthy."


Part Of Navy Plan To Use 50 Percent Alternative Fuels By 2020

The ships of Carrier Strike Group 3 will be the first members of the USN's Great Green Fleet, relying on nuclear power and biofuels on its upcoming deployment.


12 Crewmen Missing, High Surf Complicates Search And Rescue

Two CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters carrying 12 crewman collided early this morning while operating in the dark off the Hawaiian coast.


Or How An American-Powered Chinese Logging Truck Hauls The DPRK's Arsenal

​​Thanks to some fascinating research, we have some idea of how this behemoth dodged China's strict export restrictions and made the trip to North Korea.


With the bombing campaign against ISIS in high gear, Air Force brass are recognizing the importance of the A-10, despite repeated attempts to retire it.


Return Could Come As Early As Wednesday

The ten sailors – nine men and one woman – were captured due to a mechanical malfunction in one of their riverine patrol boats in the Persian Gulf.


At 22-feet long and with a 1,400-pound payload, the Urban Aeronautics AirMule provides VTOL capability without all the drawbacks of a typical helicopter.


Heat-Emitting Mannequins Could Fool Infrared Cameras

Uncovered terrorist training videos have shown that ISIS is attempting to develop remote-controlled car bombs that can beat a primary method of detection.


China has confirmed that it's working on its first domestically produced carrier and its second flattop overall.


Suspect Linked To ISIS, Also Planned Attack On US Military Base

A UAE court has filed seven different terrorism-related charges against Mohammed Al-Habashi Al-Hashemi for a bombing plot against the 2014 Abu Dhabi GP.


It's the 75th anniversary of Pres. Franklin Roosevelt's "Arsenal of Democracy" speech, and Chrysler is remembering the move to wartime production with a video.

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