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The Bloodhound SSC is still preparing to reach 1,000 miles per hour. To make sure the vehicle is safe, the team shoots a hunk of metal at 2,300 miles per hour into its ballistic safety panel to see what happens.


Force fields may be getting ready to move out of the realm of science fiction, as Boeing has patented a system that attempts to mitigate shockwaves.


The US Air Force has apparently crossed Chuck Norris in its quest to retire the A-10 Warthog. And as we know, nobody crosses Chuck Norris.


The Department of Defense has trimmed its estimates for the cost of acquiring, as well as operating/servicing 2,500 F-35s, by $7.5B and $57.8B, respectively.


While the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is still being investigated, leaked reports are pointing fingers at Russia.


Syrian media is claiming the MQ-1 Predator drone was shot down yesterday, although the Air Force isn't commenting on the UAV's actual fate.


The replacement for the long-serving KC-135 Stratotanker, the KC-46A Pegasus, will likely miss the targeted date for its first flight.


Ever wonder what it's like to be a part of the Blue Angels? This article will at least give you something of an idea about life in the blue-and-yellow uniform.


A US Army Blackhawk crashed in heavy fog last night, leaving its crew of four LA National Guardsmen and seven MARSOC Marines missing and presumed dead.


Supporting the continued service of the A-10 Warthog, a new report indicates that the F-35 won't be able to carry the USAF's premier CAS bomb until 2022.


An Army Major has penned an in-depth piece opposing the Air Force's position on the retirement of the beloved A-10 Warthog.


A DARPA program has allowed a quadriplegic woman with no flight training experience to control an F-35 simulator using nothing but her thoughts.


Is 828 horsepower enough to ignore a questionable paint job and embroidered falcons in the headrests? Yeah, it's not an easy question.


Launching satellites could be getting cheaper if DARPA's Airborne Launch Assist Space Access system is successful. Check out the video of the system here.


Medal of Honor recipient and race car driver. It's fair to say that Sgt. Dakota Meyer's resume is pretty much unmatched.


Israel has agreed to purchase 14 additional F-35s, which would bring its total fleet to 33 airframes, while the Republic of Singapore may be in the market.


The remnants of the former Soviet Union's mighty Red Air Force are featured in this impressive, drone-shot video.


A mid-air collision between two F-16s last October is being blamed on the pilots involved, a US Air Force report on the incident reveals.


As the next-generation of fighter aircraft enters their earliest planning phases, the importance of stealth technology is taking center stage.


After a troubled first tour of its Freedom-class ship, the Navy's third LCS is using its lead ship's experiences as it sails the waters of SE Asia.


"Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted." Recognizing that fact, a Facebook group has taken to shipping small recon drones to Ukrainian forces.

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