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29Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake ist verboten frucht [w/videos]

Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed images and full details on its 2013 CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake. So now all our whining about it not coming to the U.S. when it goes on sale in October can be official too.

AddMan power-washes his new Mercedes-Benz CLS - inside

We aren't entirely sure what's happening here. It seems a Macedonian man took his brand-new 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI to the car wash and decided the interior could use some freshening up, too.

44Video: Mercedes-Benz investigates where your eyes wander

Mercedes-Benz wants to know what catches your eye – Click above to watch the video after the jump

17Video: 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS - This one's for the kids?

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump

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