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2013 Mercedes SL550 [w/video]

The Official Car Of Beverly Hills Gets A Dramatic Rework Generally speaking, I'm a pretty measured sort of guy. But when it comes to convertibles, I'm a bit of a lunatic. I've been known to motor with the top down in all conditions – including light rain and snow – much to the bewilderment of other drivers (and quite often the chagrin of my passengers). For the most part, it doesn't matter if I'm driving in a bare-bones roadster or a lux-lined GT. Thankfully for my hapless guests, however, advances in technology have done much to assuage discomfort in poor weather. These... Read More

Vital Stats

4.7L Biturbo V8
429 HP / 516 LB-FT
7-Speed Auto
$106,375 base
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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: Mercedes SL prototype says you'll never catch me, copper

    It's not every day that Mercedes-Benz comes out with a new SL. The roadster that anchors the top of the company's non-AMG production range tends to enjoy an unusually long lifecycle. The iconic first-generation Gullwing was on the market for ten years. The second-gen model lasted just eight years, but the third iteration was around for a whopping ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL smiles for the camera

    With all the hype surrounding the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, it's easy to forget that the SL and SLK roadsters are still a crucial part of the automaker's lineup. We've seen the next generation of the baby SLK out testing, and now our spies have caught a larger 2012 SL mule out and about. Up front, the more upright fascia with the dinner plate-sized ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: 2011 Mercedes-Benz SL gets some SLS-inspired rhinoplasty

    On the opening day of the Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a carbonite sculpture depicting its future design direction, featuring two major elements set to infect the rest of the automaker's line up. The first is the massive SLS AMG-inspired fascia with its Flava-Flav-sized three-pointed sta,r and the second was a set of exaggerated rear ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL in the photochopped buff

    A design update for the Mercedes-Benz SL is on its way for 2009, and Lehmann managed to snag a very lightly disguised prototype running around while testing. Images in hand, they further disrobed the Merc coupe with the use of Photoshop, so what we're left with is a very clear picture of what's coming. The revision boils down to a new nose and tail, with ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: AMG wizards working on Black Series SL

    After giving the world the Black Series CLK at the New York Auto show as a fortieth birthday present, the gang at AMG are at it again. A very special Mercedes-Benz SL has been spotted being prepared at AMG's Nürburgring shop. Like the CLK, the SL gets modified bodywork to cover the steamroller tires and will undoubtedly get an extra helping of power. ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy shots: Mercedes C63 AMG Wagon and SL63 AMG

    Mercedes engineers have been busy testing several new prototypes at Colorado's Mt. Evans roadway, with both the upcoming C63 wagon and the facelifted SL roadster spotted on the high-altitude pass. These shots were taken by Doug DeMuro who you may remember also sent in the pics of Ralph Lauren's all-black Bugatti Veyron driving near the designer's ranch near ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: Mercedes CLS, SL and SLK

    Mercedes has some hot-selling models in the SL, SLK and CLS, but the German automaker isn't about to sit around twiddling its thumbs. Instead they're working on facelifts for all three, poised to hit the market around this time next year. The changes to the three models are expected to be mostly cosmetic, with little mechanical differences over the ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
    Spy Shots: 2009 Mercedes Benz SL

    Mercedes looks to be continuing to strengthen its already strong lineup with an update of the SL for 2009. The vehicle will take on more CL cues and will benefit from changes to the headlights, grille, and air intakes. According to the shooters, this well-disguised vehicle may be the AMG version of the SL. The photos were taken during cold weather testing ...

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