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2013 Mercedes-Benz G550

Gentleman General Purpose There's an ATV slowly idling through the underbrush to my passenger side. Its rider's eyes are glued to the metallic purple bread van consuming every last square inch of the trail: a cube of glittering lunacy resting blissfully in the dappled light of a Tennessee morning. "I ain't never seen a Mercedes up here before." No sir, I suppose you haven't. I've spent the past three hours snaking the 2013 Mercedes-Benz G550 up and down the less-travelled trails of the Windrock OHV Recreation area, laughing maniacally as $118,355-worth of German engineering... Read More

Vital Stats

5.5L V8
388 HP / 391 LB-FT
7-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    Geneva 2009: Brabus G V12 S Biturbo is our kind of birthday cake

    Nothing says "happy birthday" like 700 horsepower and nearly 1000 lb-ft of torque. That's what Brabus figures, at least, and we're with them. To mark the 30th anniversary of the indomitable Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen, Brabus presented the G V12 S Biturbo here at the Geneva Motor Show, and it could hardly be missed in the middle of the Palexpo show ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    Ain't nothin' but a G thang: BRABUS to show twin-turbo V12 Gelandewagen in Geneva

    Welcome to the year of the G-Wagen. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the mainstay of Mercedes' sport-ute line-up has reason to celebrate, and friends to celebrate with. Mercedes itself has released a pair of special-edition Geländewagens to mark the occasion. Floridian Benz tuning house RENNtech is toying with a special G of its own. And now ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    Birthday Beating: RENNtech goes medieval on the G-Wagen

    Thirty years is a long time. Long enough for a lot of people to come up with some wildly different ideas. Mercedes couldn't make up its mind on how to celebrate the big three-o of its workhorse sport-ute, so they came out with two special editions, one aimed at luxury buyers and another for hard-core rock-crawling, desert-traversing off-road enthusiasts. ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    Mercedes celebrates 30 years of the G-Wagen with special EDITION30

    The rest of the industry may change, but nothing can stop the Geländewagen. To give you an idea of how long it's been around, consider that the G was originally designed for military contract from the Shah of Iran, who was a major shareholder in Daimler-Benz. Known as the G-Wagen for short or G-Class in new speak, Mercedes (or Magna-Steyr, actually) ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    2009 Mercedes G-Class comes in for subtle revisions, more power

    The Mercedes G-Class is like the tux and tails -- its remains in vogue no matter what's happening in the world around it. And like the tux, it looks pretty much like it did when it first arrived, and changes to it still don't come quickly.For the '09 model, the G has been given Mercedes' new corporate face, so you can better associate it with that CL65 ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    Whaddup, G-Wagen? Mercedes updates iconic off-roader

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery of 2007 Mercedes-Benz G-ClassThe G-Class is the most enduring model from Mercedes-Benz. Introduced in 1979, the G hardly looks different than the model that debuted 28 years ago. It has received plenty of enhancements, and Mercedes has just announced another slew of updates that will keep this original SUV ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    AMG-Wagen gets a power boost

    The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also known as the Gelandewagen or G-Wagen, is a blocky, rough-and-tumble throwback that was supposed to disappear with the introduction of the stylish new GL-Class full-size SUV. A groundswell of support from aficionados (and new military contracts requiring its continued production) caused Mercedes to scuttle the cancellation ...

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    Mercedes-Benz G-Class
    Teutonic titans Benz and BMW battle amidst record March sales

    New models fired up sales for premium brands Mercedes and BMW in March, as the battle for teutonic bragging rights in the luxury segment kicked into high gear. BMW group sales hit a record 144,316 units in March, up 13.5 percent, buoyed by double-digit growth in the U.S. and Germany, and solid gains in the hot Chinese market. Meanwhile, Mercedes Car Group ...

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