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2013 Mazda CX-5

The Most Functional Miata Money Can Buy Now, before you furiously fire off angry comments about the absolute blasphemy of soiling the Miata's good name in reference to a crossover, hear us out. Mazda has told us over and over again that everything it has learned from the Miata project has directly influenced its new products. Case in point: the Mazda2. It's the least-powerful offering in its class, but we'll go on record as saying that it's the most entertaining B-segment car offered in the United States. The Mazda2's success is built upon its superb steering, great manual gearbox and... Read More

Vital Stats

2.0L I4
155 HP / 150 LB-FT
6-Speed Automatic
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    Mazda CX-5
    Official: Mazda reveals 2012 CX-5 softroader ahead of Frankfurt

    Mazda has finally given us all a peek at the company's all-new 2012 CX-5 small crossover ahead of its debut at September's Frankfurt Auto Show. The high-riding five door is draped in the automaker's new "Kodo" design language and relies on a host of SkyActiv engine and transmission options. European buyers will be able to choose between a 2.0-liter ...

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    Mazda CX-5
    Report: Mazda CX-5 to get 2.2-liter turbodiesel, six-speed manual

    Mazda hasn't had an all-new product since the spiffy little Mazda2, but that will change in 2012 with the introduction of the Minagi concept-inspired CX-5 crossover. The smallish CUV will reportedly be the first crossover to incorporate Mazda's Skyactiv technology, and, according to Autocar, it will also be available with a diesel and a six-speed ...

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    Mazda CX-5
    Spy Shots: Mazda CX-5 caught with less camo

    %Gallery-122531% [Sources: KGP Photography, Kicking Tires]

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    Mazda CX-5
    No Surprise: Mazda confirms new small CUV to be named CX-5

    In a move that should surprise exactly nobody, Mazda has announced that its forthcoming smaller crossover will be called CX-5. The little 'ute is said to borrow heavily from the Minagi Concept that Mazda unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show, and it will be the first Mazda vehicle to incorporate the automaker's new 'KODO – Soul of Motion' ...

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    Mazda CX-5
    Spy Shots: Mazda prepping smaller CX-5 crossover?

    Mazda has, on more than one occasion, discussed its plans to expand its model range in the next couple of years, including the addition of a small crossover in the near term. According to an earlier report from Autocar, Mazda had said that its "new small SUV" would debut sometime in 2011, with the first sales taking place before we turn the calendar over ...

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    Mazda CX-5
    Rumormill: Mazda working on CX-5?

    Mazda spoke of expanding its line with a small crossover as far back as 2008, with such talk led by the appearance of the Kazamai Concept. According to Autocar, Mazda is preparing to have said "new small SUV" prepped for sale at the end of 2011. When it was mentioned two years ago, the idea was that the vehicle would help position Mazda as an ...

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    Mazda CX-5
    Mazdaspeed MX-5 coming mid-2008, Kabura still in the works

    The folks who bring us all the News from the Automotive world supplied Autoweek, their sister publication, details on what is to become of the Mazda lineup over the next three years. Most of it is predictable enough, including the new Mazda6, due to be unveiled in Frankfurt, the refresh of the Mazda3 and the possibility of bringing the Mazda2 Stateside at ...

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    Mazda CX-5
    Mazda considering CX-5, a Hakaze-inspired crossover

    Mazda made it clear at the beginning of this auto show season that each of the three concepts it debuted would be more production ready than the last. First there was the Nagare concept that debuted at the LA Auto Show, and then came the Ryuga concept that was shown at the Detroit Auto Show. The final concept, called the Hakaze, debuted this month in ...

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