Maybach 62

The Maybach 62 is an ultra-luxury high-performance sedan that is intended to be chauffeur-driven. It is nearly identical to the Maybach 57, but its longer wheelbase provides more interior space for rear passengers.The Maybach 62 is available in two trims: base and S. The base model is equipped with…


2012 Maybach 62
MSRP: $427,700 - $467,600
2011 Maybach 62
MSRP: $423,500 - $463,000
2010 Maybach 62
MSRP: $417,000 - $506,500
2009 Maybach 62
MSRP: $409,000 - $448,500
2008 Maybach 62
MSRP: $391,500 - $431,000
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"Although the front seats are plenty comfortable, the best place to sit in a Maybach 62 is the backseat. It's a twin bucket arrangement with a console in between that houses a DVD player and a separate CD changer for use in the back, and it even has a refrigerated compartment. Each rear seat offers a wide range of adjustments, and a soft nubuck-upholstered, feather-stuffed pillow is attached to the front of each head restraint.