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32Video: Hennessey Venom GT spied out in the open

Hennessey Venom GT spied in public – Click above to watch the video after the jump

20VIDEO: One-make Lotus Elise racing is crowded, thrilling

Click above to see the video of Dean Evans going from 16th to 1st in one lap

7Autoblog Night Watch: Europe's Time Attack in full effect

Time Attack is about the purest a form of motorsport you can get. Take a car, strip it of everything unnecessary, spot weld anything you lay eyes on, throw in the required safety equipment and data systems, then couple the biggest, baddest engine to a close ratio gearbox (sequential preferred), forget the term "quality ride," and then get the meanest driver you can find. One lap, one time, one winner. Exponentially awesome.

3Superbowl Sunday Deviations: The Inside Story of the Lotus Elise

For those of you that aren't particularly interested in the entertainment du jour, we'd suggest that you do two things:

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