Lotus Elise

2010 Lotus Evora - Click above for high-res image gallery In a move that would have impressed Harry Houdini, Lotus has made one thousand pounds of vehicle mass seemingly disappear – yet we still know it's there. We're high in the mountains above San Diego, challenging corners in the 2010…

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2011 Lotus Elise
MSRP: $51,845 - $57,950
2010 Lotus Elise
MSRP: $47,250 - $54,990
2009 Lotus Elise
MSRP: $47,250 - $54,990
2008 Lotus Elise
MSRP: $46,270 - $54,500
2007 Lotus Elise
MSRP: $46,270 - $46,270
Lotus marks 20 years of the Elise

It's been 20 years since Lotus first introduced the Elise, so to celebrate the occasion, the British automaker is offering a special 20th Anniversary edition of the sports car that changed it all.
Jay Leno checks out Ronin RS 211, a Lotus Elise transformed

You know a vehicle is going to be something special when you need a pair of goggles to drive it, and this highly customized Lotus lives up to that promise. The owner refers to his one-off as the Ronin RS 211, but underneath that barely there body are a few parts left from a 2005 Lotus Elise.
Detroit Electric shows new fastback style for SP:01

There's been a proud history of basing electric sports cars off of the Lotus Elise. Its lightweight architecture has formed the basis for the original Tesla Roadster, the PG Elektrus, the Rinspeed sQuba concept, the Zytek Elise prototype and the Dodge Circuit EV show car. But those projects have all come and gone. That run might not be over, though, as the next to raise the flag is Detroit Electric.

For Sale

2005 Lotus Elise
$24,995 / 76,442 miles / NY
2006 Lotus Elise
$38,900 / 19,950 miles / PA
"Not only does the Elise exhibit superb balance and grip through the turns, its exceptionally low curb weight allows it to react to driver inputs much faster than other cars.