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2013 Lincoln MKZ [w/video]

Rebranding When Reinvention Is Requisite Lincoln – pardon us, the Lincoln Motor Company – assures us that Ford is committed to its success. The awkwardness of the statement (which feels vaguely like your mother telling you that she loves and supports you regardless of what everyone else thinks) was hard to escape when we recently spent a few days with the all-new second-generation 2013 Lincoln MKZ. Launched earlier this year at the 2012 New York Auto Show, the MKZ is a midsize premium sedan that shares platforms with the Ford Fusion (also all-new for 2013). The sedan's... Read More

Vital Stats

3.7L V6
300 HP / 277 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
$37,155 (base)
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    Lincoln MKZ
    Spy Shots: Lincoln MKZ's retractable roof caught in action

    The buzz around the 2013 Lincoln MKZ has centered around two questions: what will it look like and what will its retractable roof look like. Even though its expected unveiling at the New York Auto Show is a few weeks away, we still have little info on its looks, although the Detroit concept clearly telegraphed what we should expect. We have got our first ...

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    Lincoln MKZ
    Spy Shots: 2013 MKZ first Lincoln to get massive retractable roof?

    Our elite squad of spy photographers have managed to take a few quick photos of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ, and from the looks of things, the luxury sedan may have one very special trick up its sleeve when it hits the market: a large, retractable glass roof. Taking a close look at the vehicle's rear glass, we can clearly see a very squared-off window with ...

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    Lincoln MKZ
    Spy Shots: Lincoln MKZ caught camo-clad to cover new shape

    Lincoln is hard at work reinventing its design language, and those who've had an early look say we're all in for a surprise. Ford wants to reinvent its luxury arm into just that, a true luxury brand set to rival the best that Germany and Japan have to offer. One of the steps required to make this transformation is to incorporate premium style into the ...

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    Lincoln MKZ
    Spy Shot: 2010 Lincoln MKZ getting MKS-like update

    AutoObserver is showing pics of a face-lifted Lincoln MKZ prototype that looks to be taking on more of a familial facade. With the relative (very relative) success of the new MKS flagship, Lincoln has apparently decided that grafting the MKS mug onto the mid-size MKZ can only help, as well. Not that the old nose really needed rhinoplasty, but the ...

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    Lincoln MKZ
    Spy Shots: Lincoln MKZ getting split-wing grille

    click above for more spy shots of the Lincoln MKZWe knew this was bound to happen, as the split-wing grille first seen on the Lincoln MKR Concept made its way to the production MKS sedan and Lincoln MKT Concept that debuted earlier this month at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. Now it's the MKZ's turn to get a new face that toes the corporate line. Through the ...

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    Lincoln MKZ
    Rendered Speculation: 2009 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ

    The Fusion could aptly be described as a hit for Ford Motor Company. It sold 66,260 units through May of this year, which is a 15.4% increase compared to last year and not an easy accomplishment in this particular buyers' market. Consider, however, that the Fusion shares a platform and many parts with the Lincoln MKZ and Mercury Milan. Taken together the ...

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    Lincoln MKZ
    Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda 6 mule bagged!

    Mazda's bread-and-butter 6 looks to be receiving a dramatic makeover for 2008. Fortunately for consumers, the cross-eyed development tester seen here isn't it. But like momma always said, it's what's inside that counts, and Hefty bag four-doored dose of Zoom-Zoom appears to be no different. According to Edmunds Inside Line, the mule's camouflage is ...

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