2017LexusRC F

Lexus RC F

Every year, thousands of people buy two-door coupes that bear the badges of BMW M, Mercedes-AMG, Audi RS, and Cadillac V. These cars are powerful, fast, agile, and - if you believe the marketing - are made to kick ass on the track. But, and this is just my theory, only about 0.2 percent of these…


2017 Lexus RC F - 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Coupe (Base)
2dr Rear-wheel Drive Coupe (Base)
5.0L V-8
16 City / 25 HWY
Lexus is sending its 2017 RC F GT3 to do battle in the US and Japan

It even kind of looks like a kaiju.

This new car will race in IMSA and Japan's GT300 simultaneously.
This one-off Lexus RC F takes a page out of an NBA playbook

Lexus created this one-of-a-kind RC F coupe for the LA Clippers complete with a playbook-inspired paintjob and a shot clock in the dashboard.
Lexus' new V-LCRO advances seat tech by going back in time

Lexus has announced a new application for an old, beloved piece of technology that will keep drivers pegged in seats while handling three-G turns.

For Sale

2015 Lexus RC
$43,600 / 19,729 miles / CA
2015 Lexus RC
$40,999 / 19,247 miles / CA
2015 Lexus RC
$39,998 / 7,848 miles / CA
Lexus RC F glows with your heartbeat

Some cars make our hearts beat faster. This particular Lexus RC F takes it a step further by displaying our heart rate on the outside with special electroluminescent paint.
2015 Lexus RC F Review
The Lexus RC F looks like the track-worthy coupe we wanted. In reality, however, it's just a fast luxury car. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
2015 Lexus RC F First Drive
We hit the track at Monticello Motor Club to put the V8-powered 2015 Lexus RC F coupe through its paces.

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