Lexus IS-F

Sometimes fortune really smiles on even shiftless car-reviewing Dutchmen like myself, I must admit. I had come into Austin, TX the week before I was supposed to meet up with the good people at Lexus, who had graciously invited me to drive the 2014 IS. I flew in early because Austin is a pretty...

- Reviewed by Seyth Miersma


2014 Lexus IS-F
MSRP: $63,600 - $63,600
2013 Lexus IS-F
MSRP: $61,750 - $61,750
2012 Lexus IS-F
MSRP: $61,300 - $61,300
2011 Lexus IS-F
MSRP: $60,660 - $60,660
2010 Lexus IS-F
MSRP: $58,460 - $58,460
Final Lexus IS F rolls off assembly line in Japan, bound for US

We knew this day would come, but it's nonetheless a bit of a sad one for Lexus enthusiasts as the very last example of the IS F has rolled off the assembly line in Tahara, Japan. Decked out in its trademark bright blue, the final IS F is destined for a customer right here in the United States.
The cars that won't live to see 2015 [w/video] [UPDATE]

Every year in the fast-paced automotive industry brings new models, but it also spells the end for some that have been less successful. This year will be no exception.
Lexus teases Detroit-bound F Performance Coupe... again

A few weeks ago, Lexus released a teaser image of its upcoming Detroit Auto Show reveal, simply calling it the "next Lexus F." Now, a new shot of the Detroit-bound car has been sent out, and while we still don't know what the new model will be called, we can tell you this: it's a coupe.

For Sale

2011 Lexus IS
$28,998 / 40,760 miles / VA
2012 Lexus IS
$27,800 / 22,672 miles / MD
2012 Lexus IS
$26,998 / 16,496 miles / DE
"The Lexus just kept putting a smile on my face, generating huge lateral grip, demonstrating its remarkable balance, and showing off its big underhood muscle.