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2013 Lexus GS450h [w/video]

An Unlikely Star in the Lexus Stable Think about Lexus for a second. Odds are your gray matter is busy regurgitating images of the company's middle-aged RX crossover or possibly the midsize ES sedan. As the volume movers for Toyota's luxury fleet, the two are the default ambassadors for everything with an italicized L pinned to the grille, and that's a damned shame. As the 2013 GS450h is so willing to point out, Lexus engineers are busily crafting models that offer drivers more than a safe luxury choice. As the master of fuel-sipping battery propulsion, Lexus has brought the impressi... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6 / 1.9 kWh Ni-MH
338 HP (net)
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Lexus GS
    Spy Shots: Lexus GS F points its gaping grille at the BMW M5

    A mere trio of weeks after the latest report in the slow-moving Lexus GS F rumor cycle, we have a brand new batch of spy photos of the BMW M5-fighting sedan. Looking more and more production ready – notice the more finished exhausts compared to our last round of photos – the GS F can be seen poking around what we imagine is Germany. If the RC ...

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    Spy Shots: 2015 Lexus GS F is camo-free and frisky

    Other than some missing badges and (hopefully) a not-yet-finished rear fascia, what you see here is an undisguised look at the long-awaited Lexus GS F high-performance sedan. Lexus' answer to the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, the GS F has been spotted again. Unlike our previous spy shots, though, this time around, the sporty Lexus has been caught ...

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    Lexus GS
    Spy Shots: Are you the Lexus GS F?

    It's been a while since we've heard rumors of the fabled high-performance Lexus GS F, but thanks to our eager spy photographers, this looks to be our first real proof of the machine's existence. We don't have the usual brace of photos from all angles to work with this time around, our spies saying that every time Lexus' garage door opened, engineers ...

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    Spy Shots: Lexus GS takes its turn on the 'Ring

    The Lexus LF-Gh Concept from this year's New York Auto Show is slowly making the journey from pure conceptual creation to full-on production car, albeit, in the form of the GS sedan. Our trusty spy photographers have caught a Lexus GS prototype out on the Nürburgring, and its LF-Gh-inspired cues are clearly in evidence despite heavy camouflage. Up ...

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    Lexus GS
    Spy Shots: Next-gen Lexus GS mule caught testing

    Following our report that the Lexus GS is scheduled to get a rather extensive overhaul next year, our spies have captured this test mule of Lexus' next 5 Series fighter out on the road. Even though this mule uses the current GS body, we can see that extra panels have been added around the wheel wells, meaning a wider track is probably in order. What's ...

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    Lexus GS
    Rendered Speculation: Lexus GS-F

    F, now there's a letter that says high performance, don't it? Lexus must have figured that all the good ones were taken, so why not just go with the first letter of FAST. No doubt, the GS-F will be a rocket. It better be, if it wants to try kicking sand in the face of the M5. The artist's rendering gives a credible estimation of what kind of styling *ahem* ...

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