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2013 Lexus GS450h [w/video]

An Unlikely Star in the Lexus Stable Think about Lexus for a second. Odds are your gray matter is busy regurgitating images of the company's middle-aged RX crossover or possibly the midsize ES sedan. As the volume movers for Toyota's luxury fleet, the two are the default ambassadors for everything with an italicized L pinned to the grille, and that's a damned shame. As the 2013 GS450h is so willing to point out, Lexus engineers are busily crafting models that offer drivers more than a safe luxury choice. As the master of fuel-sipping battery propulsion, Lexus has brought the... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6 / 1.9 kWh Ni-MH
338 HP (net)
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Lexus GS
    2008 Lexus GS priced: $245 gets you 52 HP more than last year

    The 2008 Lexus GS 460 will only go up in price by $245 to $52,620, despite a power surge from 290 HP to a much more satisfying 342 ponies. The GS 350 and 450h will stay in the same price range as the outgoing 2007 model, despite tweaks inside and out. The GS (AWD version) has been under fire of late due to its poor performance in the most recent Consumer ...

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    Lexus GS
    Officially Official: 2008 Lexus GS 460 and 450h

    click either image to view high-res galleriesWe showed you the updated 2008 Lexus GS a few days ago, but Toyota has released a slew of official high-res images and all the specs on its midlevel luxury sedan and hybrid counterpart. For 2008, the GS 430 has been cancelled and replaced with the GS 460 sporting a 4.6L V8 producing 342 hp and 339 ft-lbs of ...

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    Lexus GS
    Rendered Speculation: Lexus GS-F

    F, now there's a letter that says high performance, don't it? Lexus must have figured that all the good ones were taken, so why not just go with the first letter of FAST. No doubt, the GS-F will be a rocket. It better be, if it wants to try kicking sand in the face of the M5. The artist's rendering gives a credible estimation of what kind of styling *ahem* ...

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    Lexus GS
    More is More: Zagato releases additional Maserati GS pics

    click above image to view all the new high-res images of the Maserati GS Zagato What's better than pictures of a coachbuilt Italian exotic? Why, more pictures of a coachbuilt Italian exotic, of course! And in that vein, the sheet-metal masters at Zagato have graced us with a slew of additional images of their latest creation, based on the Maserati ...

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    Lexus GS
    Enter the rumor mill: is Lexus working on a GS-F?

    Reports are beginning to circulate the web that Lexus is working on a high-performance version of the mid-level GS sedan to go up against German rivals in competing for the glory and the cash. The performance GS would be the next candidate to receive the F treatment, after Lexus took the wraps off the V8-powered IS-F sports sedan at the Detroit show in ...

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    Lexus GS
    Lexus is charging up their hybrid marketing

    Just as Lexus' owners plan to increase hybrid sales, so does Lexus itself. They hope to help that cause by launching a broadband video channel that will focus on the types of things the affluent and eco-hip buyers of their cars would like. Plus, of course the cars themselves. Lexus national interactive and contextual marketing manager Brian Bolain says the ...

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    Lexus GS
    Lexus prices the 2007 GS

    Pricing is in for the Lexus GS! Lexus is goin' for the gold with its GS 350, bulking up the power and perks without bulking up the price (much). The brand's GS 350 model, with its 303 hp V6, is more powerful than even the outgoing V8 model by 13 hp and beats out its predecessor by 58 hp. It also sports the more powerful brakes of its V8-packed big brother ...

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    Lexus GS
    Lexus recalls 57,000 cars worldwide

    According to Reuters, automaker Toyota is calling 57,000 2006 Lexus IS and GS models both in the U.S. and overseas for potentially faulty front seatbelts. The recall affects 29,000 units plying American roads, along with a further 11,000 Japanese examples. Lexus dealers will replace the buckles in both front seats, which can presently jam due to a ...

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