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2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

"No Land Rover has any business sounding like that!" My dad's words hung in the air like the few stray puffs of exhaust trailing in my wake as I motored away from him following a nice dinner. His parting statement to me really summed up the experience of driving this Chile Red Range Rover Sport. This is a vehicle unlike anything else Land Rover has ever built – and it needs to be. The Sport has been the British marque's best-selling vehicle since it went on sale in 2005 – even in its predecessor's final full year of sales, 2012, it still netted a four-percent bump. That kind... Read More

Vital Stats

SC 5.0L V8
510 HP / 461 LB-FT
8-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: Land Rover Range Rover Sport RS hides behind wacky camo

    There's an old episode of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson describes the Stig as having a tattoo of his face... on his face. Some say that Land Rover has followed a similar theme for the camouflage on this Range Rover Sport, which features a number of images of other Range Rover Sports on it. Ignoring the wild camo on this Sport, though, these images ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: Is Land Rover developing a Range Rover Sport R?

    Our spy photographers believe Land Rover may be hard at work on a new, higher performance version of the company's Range Rover Sport. The creation you see here was spotted hopping around the Nürburgring, complete with a reworked front fascia that boasts larger air inlets. Those intakes could be feeding a more potent driveline with more than the 510 ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: Are you the 2014 Range Rover Sport?

    Less than 24 hours after Land Rover released its first video teaser of the upcoming 2014 Range Rover Sport ahead of its New York Auto Show debut, it appears someone has already spilled the beans. The image you see here comes from the VMax 200 Facebook page, and it clearly shows what looks to be the new Sport hanging out in a garage. Design-wise, the new ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: Range Rover Sport spotted cold-weather testing

    With the massively redesigned Range Rover out of the way, Land Rover is now working on getting its next-generation Range Rover Sport ready for the public eye. Wearing far less camouflage than the last time we saw this SUV, we're starting to get a better idea of what the Range Rover's brasher relative will look like. Up front, it looks like the Sport will ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: Next Range Rover Sport shot at close range

    Land Rover is continuing its recent trend of sporting some of the most interesting camouflage in the automotive world. The machine bearing this mashup of fuzzy geometric shapes with an undeniable Volvo flair is none other than the 2014 Range Rover Sport, the smaller and sportier brother of the top-drawer Range Rover that we've seen out and about a bunch ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: Land Rover prepping new Range Rover Sport

    Land Rover is busily working on creating lighter versions of the its offerings in an attempt to head looming fuel economy regulations off at the pass. That includes the Range Rover Sport. Details are skimpy as to exactly what kind of weight savings we can expect from the next-generation vehicle when it debuts, but it's clear that Land Rover is already ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: updated Range Rover Sport to join facelifted, Jag-engined Landies

    Reports indicate that Land Rover is planning to facelift nearly its entire range later this year, including refreshed versions of the LR3, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Spy shots of the latter's test mules indicate that the updated luxury off-roaders will be distinguished by modest revisions to the bumpers, grille and headlamps, in addition to ...

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    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    Spy Shots: 2009 Range Rover Sport gets a nose job

    Click above for more high-res spy shots of the 2009 Range Rover SportThe 2009 Range Rover Sport looks like it's getting a slightly revised face. After undergoing minor cosmetic surgery, the Sport comes out with grillework that's reminiscent of the Land Rover LR2's as well as a new front bumper. Out back and along the sides, the SUV seems to be unchanged ...

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