Kia K900

Let's be honest, Rich America. When you drive your fullsize luxury sedans, you don't clock any laps of the Nürburgring. You don't view your car as an alternative to air travel, ready to wheel between countries at triple-digit Autobahn speeds. Heck, you don't even take the long way home.…

- Reviewed by Chris Paukert


2015 Kia K900
MSRP: $54,500 - $59,900
Kia and LeBron going biblical with K900 King James Edition

Judging by this latest teaser photo released by LeBron James on Facebook, it looks like Kia is preparing a special red and black K900 King James Edition to be released this weekend.
Kia slices K900 pricing amidst slow sales

Kia has added a new Premium trim to its struggling K900 sedan that trims $5,000 from the starting price, but removes a number of notable luxury features.
Kia K900 with 650 hp debuts at SEMA

Kia revealed a monster-powered K900 – with output approaching 650 horsepower – this week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Fittingly called the "High-Performance" K900, the sedan gets a Garrett 2871R twin-turbo application, which boosts the 5.0-liter V8 engine from its stock rating of 420 hp.

For Sale

2015 Kia K900
$47,995 / 12,199 miles / PA
2015 Kia K900
$59,998 / unknown miles / VA
2015 Kia K900
$59,998 / unknown miles / VA
Kia K900 looks, sounds snarly with forced induction in SEMA preview

Kia is getting all set for this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and among its vehicles is something that seems pretty mean.
2015 Kia K900
Kia appears to be making an ambitious attempt on Mercedes and BMW with its 2015 K900 full-size luxury sedan. We subject it to a first drive road test and see if it stacks up.