Jeep Compass

Least Capable Jeep Still Lost In The Woods 2011 Jeep Compass - Click above for high-res image gallery Let's be honest here: The Jeep Compass should have never been built – at least not in the form it took. A derivative of the compact Dodge Caliber, the Compass is neither a real Jeep nor an SUV, but a singular testament to how badly Daimler mismanaged the brand over its decade of ownership. And sales have proven this out. Although the Compass did well in the first year after its May 20

Current Models
Old Models
2015 Jeep Compass
MSRP: $18,995 - $28,195
2014 Jeep Compass
MSRP: $18,795 - $27,995
2013 Jeep Compass
MSRP: $19,495 - $26,395
1185 Amboy Ave Edison, 8837 3.4 miles
Rahway Import Auto Sales
1710 W Elizabeth Ave Linden, 7036 4.3 miles
Metro Honda
911 Middlesex Ave Metuchen, 8840 4.8 miles