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2013 Infiniti JX35 [w/video]

Big Luxury That's Long On Looks Three-row crossovers are a bit like accounting departments in that every automaker has one, and there isn't much else about them that's exciting. But while most every automaker offers a crossover with seating for seven or eight, there surprisingly aren't many options in the luxury space. The Audi Q7 doesn't really count since it weighs an SUV-like 5,200 pounds. Lincoln offers the MKT, but few buyers have taken Ford's luxury marque up on that offer. And then there is the Buick Enclave, which sells well but suffers from that "not quite a Cadillac" feeling.... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6
265 HP / 248 LB-FT
$54,800 as tested
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    Infiniti JX
    Teased: Infiniti releases second JX teaser

    Infiniti is getting ready to unveil its latest crossover at Pebble Beach in August, and has just released a second teaser shot to give us a glimpse of what to expect. The JX will join the svelte EX and FX models in Infiniti's crossover range, but offer seven seats in a larger package. This second teaser of the taillight and part of the left flank follows ...

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    Infiniti JX
    Teased: Infiniti teases seven-passenger JX crossover

    Infiniti has released an image of the upcoming JX crossover, and the newest family member is posing for the camera like an awkward teen on Facebook. Still, the sweeping family lines are clearly visible, as is an aggressive headlight treatment and a muscular front fender that reminds of company's EX and FX softroader lines. The seven-passenger Infiniti ...

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    Infiniti JX
    Report: Infiniti Etherea concept to spawn Audi A3 fighter

    Infiniti executives must be watching 19 and Counting because the vehicle lineup is set to expand just like the Duggar family. The automaker is looking to brings its vehicle count up to 10 models by 2017, starting with the JX crossover and a Leaf-based all-electric vehicle, but those will quickly be followed by an Audi A3-fighting compact. Slotting in ...

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    Infiniti JX
    Infiniti gets sketchy with JX three-row crossover

    If the calendar shows that a major auto show is upon us, that means it's time for automakers to release teaser images and video. Since the 2011 New York Auto Show is about to open its doors, Infiniti has taken the opportunity to release a hazy sketch of a vehicle to be revealed... at Pebble Beach? Called the JX, this luxury crossover teases with talk of ...

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    Infiniti JX
    Infiniti reportedly registers JX nameplate for trademark

    Automakers try their darnedest to keep future vehicles secret until they're good and ready to reveal them. But more often than not, something leaks. One of the best sources of future vehicle information turns out to be government officials, who have been known – whether through regulation or by accident – to make public the private plans ...

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    Infiniti JX
    Why the world rips on us: Dimora's JX Coupe Concept

    From the fertile mind that brought you such varied hits as the Clenet and premixed coolant, we present to you the Dimora JX Coupe. Done up the old-world way -- with real metal and skill -- and the results for all that effort are decidedly weird. They can call it a coupe all they want, but its certainly more El Camino than sleek GT. The JX moniker is a ...

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