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2012 Infiniti EX35

A G hatchback By Any Other Name... In the past, many of us have been guilty of approaching the crossover segment with the same zeal a toddler typically reserves for mashed peas. Equal parts revulsion, befuddlement and betrayal have danced across our faces as we've struggled to comprehend why anyone would willingly put their hard-earned money towards a vehicle saddled with inherently poorer driving dynamics and fuel economy. As lovers of curve-conquering wagons and hatchbacks everywhere, throwing a couple of extra inches of ride height into the recipe has rarely done us any favors. Not... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6
295 HP / 253 LB-FT
7-Speed Auto
$46,395 as tested
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    Infiniti EX
    Official: Infiniti queues up questionable Q and QX naming scheme

    Oh boy, this is about to get confusing with a capital Q. Infiniti has just announced a brand-new scheme that calls for completely new model names across its entire lineup of vehicles. Making things even more difficult will be the fact that all coupes, convertible and sedans will get a Q prefix while all crossovers and SUVs will be prefixed with ...

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    Infiniti EX
    New York Preview: Infiniti EX Concept breaks cover

    The EX Concept is one of those concept-in-name-only vehicles automakers love to trot out at auto shows throughout the year. Sure, the concept car's gee-whiz liquid crystal roof won't make it to production, but just about everything else will when it bows in showrooms later this year as the EX35 (assuming the engine info Nissan Sport magazine's sources ...

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    Infiniti EX
    Detroit Preview: Rolls-Royce cabriolet

    Rolls-Royce is set to take the wraps off a new convertible at the Detroit Motor Show less than two weeks from now, and have leaked a few photos to get our Spirits of Ecstasy flying. Although the name is not yet officially known, most insiders predict a revival of the Corniche nameplate for this grand cabriolet that picks up where the show-stopping 100EX ...

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